Weiguan Netizens

Andrew MacNair


A fury has been unleashed in all directions from a curious kind of political ricochet around the Japanese Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai. It seems that Cheng Jianping, a.k.a. online as Wang Yi, has been sent to a hard labor camp for one year because she had “disturbed the social order” by re-sending a Twitter message sent by her fiancé, Hua Chunhui, who, according the New York Times, “mocked young nationalists who held anti-Japanese rallies in several cities last month.

The original message goaded protestors to go beyond the smashing of Japanese products and express their fury at the heavily policed expo site” by attacking the Japanese Pavilion. This message was sent to her from her fiancé Mr. Hua. It was sent out a second time in China by Ms. Cheng who added three extra words – “Charge, angry youth.” Within the Chinese legal system according to the New York Times, it is legit for police “to send people for so-called re-education through labor for up to four years without a trial.”

Also the New York Times reported that “Ms. Cheng is part of a group of daring freelance advocates known as weiguan who travel across the country to show up at courthouses where dissidents are on trial. In rare cases, the resulting deluge of phone calls has led to the speedy release of a detainee. There is a growing group of people like her, netizens who are moving from cyberspace to the real world, Ms. Xia said.”


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